How Much Does it Cost to Get a Phone Screen Repaired?

A smartphone is now a necessity for many people, as they heavily depend on it for various daily activities such as mobile searching and business communication. And if your smartphone is the only way to keep yourself connected to the world, you’re completely aware that your phone screen should never go out of sight. Unfortunately, just like any other portable internet-enabled device, this essential hand-held gadget is susceptible to screen damage from hairline marks to major cracks, prompting you to replace the screen once details are no longer readable.

The actual cost to replace a broken phone screen will largely depend on where to send your phone for a professional replacement service. Your total cost is also influenced by several cost factors, including product warranty, unit source, shipping cost, the extent of the screen damage, and of course, the present age of the phone. Obviously, the original manufacturing cost is far most expensive than phone screen replacement services offered by third-party repair technicians such as such as

No matter what your options are, you’ll want to opt for a credible repair service that you can entrust your valuable information with, or you can get a brand new phone instead. The latter appears as a more expensive choice; however, if you’ll go for repair service by searching for phone repair near me or phone repair in Montgomery, AL, you may potentially save yourself from wasting thousands of dollars worth of parts replacement and other impulsive purchases. Phone restoration is likely dependent on various cost factors such as:

Operating System

The cost of phone repair often depends on the operating system installed in your device. Unlike iOS, if your smartphone falls within the Android range, your phone’s repair charges won’t be that high. Since the operating system of Apple devices isn’t open-source, mobile phone technicians cannot reduce the cost of the repair service and replacement parts and accessories. 

Aside from the operating system, the current age of your phone also influences the actual repair cost. It’s easier to repair a relatively new device than a five-year-old worn-out phone. As the phone ages, all components also age and degrade, making it even more difficult for technicians to find compatible parts and accessories. Thus repairing just one area of your device may result in further complications.

Extend of Mobile Phone Damage

The amount of money you pay for the phone repair will definitely reflect the degree of damage your phone has sustained. It may be possible to fix only a broken screen due to scratches. In contrast, you might need to replace the entire mobile panel in other conditions, which is incredibly expensive and time-consuming.

Repair Location

The location of your phone also directly influences the actual expenses of your broken screen. If you need an iPhone repair in Miami, you may receive a cheaper offer than similar services in New York. You may also try requesting a free quote for comprehensive repair services from various online websites or finding a trustworthy phone repair near me link to help you start your journey.

The reason why repairing newer phones is still cheaper is that technicians have access to the latest tools, replacement parts, and advanced troubleshooting techniques. Repair techniques are more challenging, and more time is needed to resolve the problem with older models. The price is often affected by the difficulty level, mainly if the broken screen or internal mobile hardware is the root cause of the problem. Realistically speaking, it’s still much easier to handle battery replacement and broke earpiece issues than resolving water penetration and high-impact phone damage. 

Damage Level

If you only experience small cracks on your screen and your phone still works fine, you probably don’t need a full-screen replacement. The great news is that your phone is mostly functioning, and you still don’t need to spend around $500 for a new screen.

Cracked screens may result in further complications as they allow elements to penetrate the phone. You should cover the cracks on your phone screen as early as possible to prevent dust and moisture absorption. Aside from regular screen wiping using a microfiber cloth, also consider the use of high quality tempered glass screen protector, which you can find from different online retailers.

If your home screen displays huge cracks all over the phone and details aren’t readable. However, you may opt for a full-screen replacement, either through your manufacturer or a third-party repair service provider. Broken screens are among the most common smartphone problems of active users, so you won’t have any trouble finding an excellent place to have your precious device repaired. Both Android and iPhone screen repairs usually take a couple of hours to get fixed, while other severe cases may need as long as two days to determine the exact cause. 

Manufacturers consider broken screens as accidental damage, and therefore not covered under product or service warranty. Find out below the price difference of repair between the manufacturers and third-party service companies on some popular phones:

          Service Center: $229-$259

          Third-party Service Provider: $150-$170

          Service Center: $319-$529

          Third-party Service Provider: $350

          Service Center: $319-$529

          Third-party Service Provider: $350

          Service Center: $380-$420

           Third-party Service Provider: $699

          Service Center: $400

          Third-party Service Provider: $400

          Service Center: $315-$385

          Third-party Service Provider: $420-$460

          Service Center: $169-$319

          Third-party Service Provider: $180

When choosing what repair options to take, the cost isn’t the only factor to consider. You must also check out the reputation of the company you’re dealing with. Remember that third-party service operators don’t use genuine components when replacing a broken screen, which automatically tampers your phone warranty. 

Simply hiring the service provider that offers the lowest repair shouldn’t form part of your options. For sure, you don’t want to entrust your smartphone to any service company which doesn’t possess the relevant experience and skills to handle complex mobile phone issues. You should carefully evaluate each company you’re trying to consider and find out if all services are offered with a warranty.

If you’re in great need of smartphone repair, you can turn to the highly efficient technicians at Tech Repair Depot. With fast and effective cell phone repair, which you can find on, you’ll never have to worry about broken screens, high repair expenses, and recurring device problems again.

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