The iPhone is an amazing device, but sometimes it can give us headaches. One of the most frustrating iPhone issues that people face on a regular basis is when their FaceTime stops working. This article will explain why your FaceTime might not be functioning properly more than screen repair and how to resolve this issue! Whether it is necessary to have replacement parts for a hardware repair service.

What’s New in FaceTime for iOS 13 and iPadOS?

FaceTime had a massive overhaul in iOS 12, and apple products continue to expand their support for those features in iOS 13 and iPadOS, including Group FaceTime and animoji/memoji settings and effects. If you want detailed information, check it through iPhone repair in Montgomery AL.

Dual SIM and eSIM fully supported in FaceTime (and iMessage)

That means you can call someone on FaceTime from either your physical SIM or your eSIM/dual SIM number. Only one phone number could be used for iMessage and FaceTime in iOS 12. When you activate a physical SIM card and an eSIM (or dual physical SIM if applicable) with iOS 13, you don’t have to choose a mobile number for iMessage or FaceTime from their respective settings menus anymore. When you find it hard doing so, have it check through electronic repair in Montgomery AL.

New Memoji customizations and Animoji to use in FaceTime (and other apps too!)

In iOS 13 and iPadOS, we have various makeup options, from blush and eyeshadow to braces on your teeth and even piercings on your nose, eyebrows, eyelids, and around your lips. There is also a slew of new haircuts, headgear, and headwear options, as well as a slew of unique earrings and eyewear options. In addition, three new Animoji characters, mouse, octopus, and cow, are available in iOS 13 and iPadOS for usage in FaceTime discussions. These features can also be utilized more at Montgomery AL cellphone repair.

iOS 12+ FaceTime improvements: Group FaceTime and more!

FaceTime has been the forgotten child in recent years, especially when compared to Messages and iMessage. On the other hand, phone repair in Montgomery AL suggests that FaceTime has been completely overhauled in iOS 12 and now looks and feels completely different.

Group FaceTime

The main news is that FaceTime now supports Group FaceTime video and audio chats with iOS 12.1.4! We’ve been waiting a long time for this feature, and it’s finally here with iOS 12.1.4 and above, as well as macOS Mojave+. You can use Group FaceTime to make calls with up to 32 people at once–that’s a lot of people! You can even start a Group FaceTime from a Messages group conversation. If you want to do it using an iPad but find it quite difficult for it may have some issues, have it checked through iPad repair Montgomery AL

Missing Live Photos for FaceTime?

If you still have the first version of iOS 12or iPhone xs you won’t use Live Photos. And we’re stumped as to why! All you have to do is update your iOS to have it back. For FaceTime calls, any iOS version 12.1.1 and higher and all iPadOS versions reintroduce the Live Photo functionality!

FaceTime Calls Fail, Keep Disconnecting, or Immediately Start Reconnecting?

When you’re on a FaceTime call, does it keep disconnecting? It claims it’s reconnecting, but it can’t and instead, shows Call Failed? You’re not alone if you’ve noticed that your FaceTime App isn’t operating as well as it once did, preventing you from making or staying on calls for more than a few seconds. While there is no single reason for FaceTime’s behavior, we have compiled a list of our best ideas to assist you.

Install the most recent version of iOS or macOS on your device. Check the status of the Apple Server to see if there are any issues. Toggle FaceTime off, then back on after 20-30 seconds. Sign out of FaceTime, restart the program, then sign back in. Delete the FaceTime app and reinstall it. Disable Screen Time Limits or Restrictions. Make sure your time and date are correct. Set Automatically Your network settings should be reset.

FaceTime Activation Not Working?

Toggle FaceTime and iMessage off, then back on after 30 seconds. In FaceTime, sign out of your Apple ID. Next, tap your Apple ID in Settings > FaceTime. Select Sign Out. Then sign in again using your Apple ID or a different Apple ID. Verify that your Apple ID contains your current iPhone’s phone number (not an old number or, even worse, a landline!) Disable FaceTime and iMessage. If necessary, change the details so that your iPhone and email address are listed. Toggle FaceTime OFF and ON once it’s been updated.

Other Issues Causing FaceTime Not Working?

Despite having a solid Wi-Fi connection, FaceTime can occasionally fail or disconnect during audio and video sessions. When you use FaceTime on your iPhone, the message “Call Failed” appears, but no one is actually on the other end of the line. Other iPhone users have reported that when utilizing FaceTime for video calling on the iPhone, they cannot connect to their iPhone contacts. If this problem is still happening it’s better to go to iPad repairs, iPhone repairs shop to fix the issue.

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