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How to Fix Nintendo Switch Problems

With unique exclusive Switch titles like Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2, the Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles on the market (and one of the consoles that will be on sale during Black Friday thanks to Nintendo Switch deals), but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to technical issues.

We’ve prepared a list of the most common difficulties that have occurred Switch Nintendo owners, ranging from minor cosmetic damage that can largely be overlooked to significant faults for electronic repairs that have made players’ devices worthless. We’ve also listed alternative fixes where relevant, though anything that requires disassembling a component of your console could exacerbate the problem or violate your warranty.

Dock scratches the screen

Many gamers complain about the scratched screen of their Nintendo Switch. It merely takes a few seconds to transfer the Nintendo Switch from its portable mode to the dock. Unfortunately, it’s easy for the dock to create permanent damage on the outside of your screen if you don’t put the console in entirely straight. The damage appears to be caused by two projecting pieces of plastic within the dock that will contact the Switch’s outer bezel at either end when it’s lowered into position.

A Nintendo Switch screen protector is a must-have item because any damage caused by the dock will be to the detachable guard rather than the console itself. However, the “official” PDP product and other early flexible screen protector kits for the system were cut wrongly, resulting in bubbles. This should not be an issue with tempered glass covers. However, after applying a tempered glass protector, you should wait roughly 24 hours before docking your system, as the glue may melt if not allowed to set.

In the meanwhile, users have taped microfiber cloths and small foam pads to the inside of the dock to cover the two plastic protrusions and the dock’s internal nubs. You might wish to temporarily install one of the plastic ones if you can afford to spend $8 on something you’ll remove in a few weeks once your tempered glass protector arrives. You should seek a Game console repair near you for the repair services you need.

Joy-Cons disconnect for no reason

Disconnecting the left Joy-Con controller, the most well-known Nintendo Switch’s problems so far appears to be a prevalent issue. The Joy-Con can sometimes detach from the console, which can be very irritating if it results in you being killed during a strong run in Breath of the Wild. Squeezing the controller, putting it behind one’s back, and covering the front with a hand all aggravate the problem.

According to several reports and user teardowns, Nintendo’s decision to embed the left controller’s Bluetooth antenna inside the circuit board, rather than employing a distinct component that could be positioned optimally, appears to be the source of the problem and needs to have a Nintendo repair.

Console bends over tim

If you leave your Nintendo Switch docked for a lengthy time, you may notice that one side of the system has warped or curved slightly backward. If the problem is severe enough, you may have problems removing it or replacing it in the dock.

Remove both Joy-Con controllers from your Switch and set it screen-side down on a completely flat table to see if it has warped. You should be able to rock it back and forth if it has bent in any way. This issue doesn’t always negatively impact your gameplay, and some customers have reported that their Nintendo Switch systems were slightly uneven out of the box.

The screen randomly freezes, or flashe

In addition to controller issues and issues with the Nintendo Switch and its dock’s physical structure, several gamers have reported screen freezes and horrific Switch convulsions, which force the system to blare a high-pitched shriek and the lights to strobe faster than an ecstasy-fueled dance. Some customers have also reported brief freezes that cause games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to crash, causing them to lose progress.

So far, the only short-term fix has been to do a “hard reset” of the Switch, which involves holding down the power button for 15 seconds until it shuts down, then turning it back on. Though this temporarily resolves the issue, impacted Switch owners allege that the problem reappears shortly after and that a factory reset will not fix the problem.

Joy-Con controllers drift

After more than two years on the market, a problem has emerged with startling regularity: Joy-Con “drift.” The problem occurs in the analog sticks of the controllers, which register movement even when they aren’t in use – it’s a common problem on worn controllers across platforms. Still, its ubiquity on the Switch is practically unprecedented. Until now, if your controllers were acting up, you had to either try to fix them yourself, pay Nintendo to fix them, or buy new controllers.

How to set up a Nintendo Switch repair

Before sending your Switch in for repair, you should first call Nintendo’s customer service to diagnose the specific problem, if possible, and then place a repair order. Go to the Nintendo Switch Repair Website. Select your region. Scroll down to the list of contact choices and select your preferred option. Chat, text message, phone, and submitting a Help Ticket are all options. Follow the troubleshooting methods recommended by a member of the Support team for your particular issue. If the problem persists, you’ll need to agree to Nintendo’s Online Repair Terms and Conditions to start a repair. Create a new profile or log into one that already exists. This is where Nintendo will send you updates and information regarding your repair. To check the status of your Nintendo Switch’s warranty, enter its serial number. Fill out the repair information, shipping information, and billing information. Click Complete when you’ve done filling out your repair order. Soon after, you will receive an email with repair instructions.

How to package your Nintendo Switch for repair

It’s time to box your Nintendo Switch and ship it to Nintendo after you’ve set up your repair order. Prepare a repair note and attach it to your Nintendo Switch. Your name, return shipping address, and phone number should all be included in the letter. It should also include your repair order number, a brief description of the Nintendo Switch problem, and a list of all the materials included in the shipment.

Pack your Nintendo Switch and letter in a simple box with transparent cling film (the kind you’d use in the kitchen) and plenty of padding to prevent damage during shipping. Remove or fully conceal any old labels if you’re reusing a package. It can’t be a padded envelope; it has to be a box. There should be no games or accessories included (unless those are part of the repair order). Instead, put small objects or plays in a sealable plastic bag if you have them. Stickers and screen protectors are not returnable, so take them off your Switch before shipping them if you want to retain them. Attach the Nintendo-supplied shipping label to the box. Alternatively, the repair center’s address, your return address, and the repair order number are on the outside of the box. Tape the box shut and deliver it to the correct shipping company.


The Nintendo Switch is a great handheld gaming system. It features some incredible games to play on the road or at home with its docking system and HDTV. The game console may be physically damaged because of some frustrated gamers. Repairing a Nintendo Switch is now easier than ever, thanks to the fact that it can now be done in Montgomery. Nintendo switch screen replacement and Nintendo sticker repair are available from Tech Repair Depot.