iPhone is one of the most popular phone models on the market. With so many iPhone users, it’s no surprise that any technical problems are quickly shared online with other iPhone owners to provide a solution. Unfortunately, one common problem of iPhone owners experience is with their Wi-Fi connection, and we cannot deny the fact that iPhone repair is costly. So if your iPhone is not connecting to Wi-Fi, don’t fret! We have compiled some helpful tips for you in this blog post that will help solve your issue and get you back up and running!

How to Fix iPhone Wi-Fi Problems

In most circumstances, following some basic troubleshooting procedures can fix an iPhone that won’t connect to a Wi-Fi network. However, more complex techniques are required in other situations. Check out the various options for resolving an iPhone’s inability to connect to a Wi-Fi network and regaining access to high-speed internet.

Make Sure Wi-Fi is On

The first rule of tech assistance is to make sure the problem is turned on. In this situation, turning on Wi-Fi on your iPhone may be all that is required. The simplest way to turn on Wi-Fi is to use Control Center.

Check if Airplane Mode is On

Another option is to turn on airplane mode and then turn it off to verify whether your Wi-Fi is still connected to the Wi-Fi router. Your Wi-Fi is blocked if your iPhone is in Airplane Mode (perhaps due to a recent trip). This is a tried-and-true trick that you can use. Believe us when we say that it works like magic. To turn on and off Airplane mode on your iPhone, follow these simple steps:

This procedure may be all you need to re-establish your phone’s connection. If the problem remains unsolved, you might try a different approach.

Check if the Wi-Fi Network is Password Protected

On the Wi-Fi settings screen, click to Settings, then tap Wi-Fi. You can tell which Wi-Fi networks are password protected by the lock icons next to them. If it does, you have two options: ask the network owner for a Wi-Fi password (which is simple if you’re in a coffee shop) or hunt for an unlocked network.

Check For iOS Updates

Install any updates that have been released. That might be able to help you with your issue.

Restart your iPhone

When Wi-Fi is not connecting to your iPhone, resetting your phone is the first remedy that springs to mind. A minor connectivity issue can sometimes be remedied by simply resetting your device. First, restart your iPhone/iPad to see if the Wi-Fi indicator appears and is receiving signals. This method works the majority of the time since it dumps your iPhone’s faulty network data.

Reset iPhone Network Settings

You may be unable to connect to Wi-Fi if one of your Wi-Fi settings is corrupted. Although this deletes some choices, it may be your only option in some cases—tap reset network settings on your iPhone. Resetting the network removes any networks that may contain corrupt files, APNs, or unwanted Bluetooth connections, among other things. In addition, you’ll be able to clean out any faulty setups that may have harmed your Wi-Fi connection during the process.

Turn off Location Services

Your iPhone does a variety of useful tasks in the background. One of these is improving the accuracy of mapping and location services by exploiting adjacent Wi-Fi networks. This is a pleasant perk, but it could be the reason your iPhone can’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Restore your iPhone to Factory Settings

If you still can’t connect to Wi-Fi, you may need to resort to harsh measures, such as resetting your iPhone to factory defaults. This clears everything from the iPhone’s memory and restores it to its factory settings.

Before you begin, make a complete backup of your phone’s data.

You’ll have a brand-new iPhone once the reset is completed. After that, you may either set it up as a new iPhone or restore it from a backup. While restoring from a backup is faster, it may reintroduce the bug that stopped you from connecting to Wi-Fi in the first place.

If none of the preceding solutions work, you may have a hardware issue examined and fixed by Apple or a cellphone repair shop. If you still want to try fixing it yourself, go to Apple’s online support site. If everything else fails, take your phone to an iPhone repair in Montgomery like ours, Tech Repair Depot. We at Tech Repair guarantee fast phone repair, and we are proven to be trustworthy and use the best service for electronic repair in Montgomery. Contact us today!