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( Does Your Phone Have A Warranty? )

The screen replacement process involves removing the screen from your phone, replacing it with a new one, and then putting everything back together again. 

Have you dropped your phone and the screen is shattered? If so, then you’re probably wondering how much it costs to replace the screen on a Note 10 plus. You can get screen replacement prices by finding out which screen brand your device has (Samsung or LG) and check for pricing information.

Tips On What’s Wrong With The Screen And Its Replacement And Repair:

Does Samsung still offer free screen replacement?

Samsung offers free screen replacement device repair, but as stated in the article, you are required to make a membership purchase before receiving the warranty through what is called “Galaxy Care.” 

The Galaxy Care plans are available for at least one year and come in five levels (plus an additional level for business customers) with corresponding prices. The first three levels have different hours of coverage per incident. The next two offer unlimited rebates and replacements while another covers accidental damages only.

The answer is YES, Samsung still offers free window screens replacement on owners who purchase Galaxy Care coverage at any of their ten-plus stores across Canada or online shop.

Can you repair a Samsung Note 10+ screen?

If there is a simple or minor UI-related malfunction, you can try to reset your device. But, if the screen has shattered and you are unable to see anything on it and cannot power it down, then it will require a new screen replacement.

The answer is No, if your screen is cracked or damaged you cannot repair a Samsung Note 10+ screen by yourself. The cost of repair for the entire device is prohibitively expensive at this time and would probably cost more in parts than a new one. A better option may be to get in touch with your insurance company and see if they can help to fix the issue or recommend you to someone who can or you might want to contact a service center to do this. They would know the probe methods used for this device and also be able to get it back into safe working order quickly.

A cracked phone screen is one of the most common smartphone mail-in repair malfunctions because they’re hardy phones that often get dropped. A broken touchscreen not only renders your device inoperable but could also lead to expensive repairs! Some people prefer having their touchscreen repaired rather than replaced when they accidentally break the touch panel or shatter the camera lens of their phone. 

Can the Purple screen be fixed?

YES! If the Grey screen flashes and it has no service, then there might not be a need to replace the phone.

The Purple screen is only present if there is a need to replace either the motherboard or LCD. It means that both of these components are defective. If you notice your phone’s Purple screen flashing at constant intervals, then look for uneven edges when holding up your phone against light, erase all personal data from the device.

What is a Samsung one-time screen replacement?

Samsung One Time Screen Replacement is a safety plan that protects you against accidental damage and cracked screens. Covers 90 days of accidental breakage, including drops and malfunctions from volume buttons. If your phone sustains physical damage, it will be replaced with a new device if the device can’t be repaired. For as little as $13 per month for one iPhone or less than $30 per month for two, you’ll have no worries if your phone’s screen breaks accidentally!

You have nothing to lose by signing up – whether you break a screen five times or never – we’ll replace it at any time. For many people who experience fear when dropped their phones, knowing they can get a replacement anytime but paying an affordable monthly fee has made life seem much more comfortable on their wallets.

Does the Samsung warranty cover screen crack?

The answer is YES. Samsung phones come with a one-time “worry-free” screen replacement warranty for as long as you own the product, which means that we will replace your cracked screen regardless of when it cracks, Free of Charge 

The five-year limited warranty services on our devices also include coverage for scratches on the front and back glass panel.

How do I claim a warranty on a cracked screen Samsung?

To claim your warranty, you will need to contact the Samsung visit site. You’ll then have to fill sign out a form and provide your shipping select locations complete information for them to ship you a new phone once they get the old one back from you. Make sure not to block any important parts of the phone before mailing it off!

Here are the steps on how to claim your warranty:

Fix vs. Replace?

This is a question that many people have to answer for themselves. When thinking about screen replacement vs screen repair, there are some differences between the two. Screen repair will only cover damage to your screen and not any other issues with your device while screen replacement includes both screen repairs and new screens. 

Screen replacement can be a difficult process, but screen repair is often much easier and more affordable. How do you know when to replace your screen or just fix it? Here are some things to consider:

Fixing screen damage is always the best option to save money. But in some cases, screen replacement may be necessary.

Can you trade in a phone with a cracked screen?

Yes, it’s possible to trade in a phone with a cracked screen. You can trade them in for money or credit towards the next one if the company you are buying from offers deals like that. Or, sometimes those companies will just give you store credit when you bring it back so that they can fix up your phone. 

A lot of phones come discounted if they have been traded in already, which means it might be better for someone who doesn’t want to spend as much to buy used or open-box items and an upgrade at the same time. 

Final Thoughts

It can be tempting to just replace your cracked screen, but you should consider the cost of a new phone. Samsung brands will still offer free screen replacement for the Note 10 models if it is within warranty or eligible for an extended protection plan. Your Samsung phone may be an investment, but that doesn’t mean you should have to pay for a new screen. With the right warranty and trade-in offer on your side, it is possible to get free or discounted repairs for cracked screens or other display problems. We are dedicated to helping customers save money when they need their phones fixed by providing them with information about how much replacement screens cost as well as what kind of deals are available in our area. If you would like more information about replacing your broken Note 10 Plus screen, just visit The next time something happens to your device before its manufacturer’s warranty expires, make sure you know where we can help!