You’re probably wondering where to take your smartphone for quick repair when it breaks down. If you’re trying to fix it alone, you might be looking for tutorial videos on the internet that can help get your phone back on track. Unfortunately, a damaged phone might cause your device more trouble than getting it fixed unless you know exactly what to do. 

Phone repair is a tough job best handled by specialized technicians. Since smartphones are complex and sensitive, only an experienced technician should fix the device for you. Repair technicians are often trained and equipped to handle different smartphone issues, from the corrupted operating system to cracked screens. And they charge customers with individual corresponding fees based on the specific problem. 

For your iPhone or Android phone repair needs, you can either bring your broken phone to an authorized service center of the manufacturer or a third-party repair shop. If you have your phone repaired from an authorized service center, you’re guaranteed to receive original assembly parts installed on your device. Suppose you choose to bring your device to a third-party service provider. In that case, your phone might be installed with counterfeit mobile phone parts, resulting in further damage due to compatibility issues or an outdated system. In some instances, technicians in conventional brick-and-mortar repair shops may falsely claim that they have installed OEM parts in your phone. 

Cost of Cellphone Repair 

Smartphone repair prices can vary significantly depending on which phone brand or model you’ve been using and your exact concern. Since your smartphone comprises several sensitive parts, it will experience typical problems, including a damaged charger connector, broken headphone jack, broken screen connectivity issues, and water immersion. The repair cost to fix a charging port, which is usually cheaper than cracked screen replacement, ranges anywhere between $25 and $90. According to brands and models, a damaged screen repair cost ranges from $50 to as high as $350. 

Suppose you accidentally drop your device to any presence of water at your washbasin or flush tank, for example. In that case, you should expect to pay anywhere between $30 to as high as $120 due to several internal parts which can get damaged. Among the common types of phone repair, a screen replacement is the most requested modern smartphone service. However, replacing a broken screen is directly influenced by parts availability, problem complexity, exact phone model or series, and unit price of the screen. Minor issues like network connectivity and defective audio output may cost around $15 to $50. 

Where to Get Quality Phone Repair Services

1. Insurance Provider

Phone insurance is one of the most convenient options for affordable repair, though some insurance options are just limited. If your phone has ever sustained any significant damage, you must contact your insurance provider immediately to file a claim. Your provider will require you to submit a claim form containing descriptions of your damaged unit along with supporting pictures. Once your request for claims processing is approved, the insurer will have your broken phone repaired. 

You can save money if an insurance plan covers your smartphone. The total cost of your phone insured is still cheaper than buying yourself a brand-new unit unless your smartphone is already beyond three years. Even the repair cost for having an insured phone is relatively lower than authorized service centers or third-party repair shops. 

2. Authorized Service Centers

Cell Phone manufacturers always have designed service centers that you can find in your local area. If the warranty covers the damage, you may have your broken smartphone repaired at an authorized service center for free, labor cost and parts replacement included. Technicians from these manufacturer-designed shops will only install genuine parts to ensure the fixed device will work as a brand-new phone. Moreover, repairs are backed by the manufacturer, which means that all services are certified and standardized. 

However, manufacturers only provide limited warranties in terms of service coverage and scope. They only cover hardware malfunctions and factory defects, not those typical causes such as accidental drops and water damage. The majority of brand-new cellphones come with a one-year warranty, and you need to pay some extra if you wish to extend coverage. If you decide to take your phone to an authorized service center and a warranty no longer covers the device, you’ll be charged separately with expensive service fees. 

3. Credible Cell Phone Repair Shops 

Your third option is to visit a reliable third-party repair shop like Tech Repair Depot in your local area. What makes these cell phone repair service providers attractive to customers is their cheap service charges. However, it would help if you watched out for unscrupulous repair shops that use fake replacement parts because you may end up spending more, brought by incompatible hardware parts. Aside from this, some unprofessional technicians may attempt to access your files while repairing your damaged phone. 

Do your research first, if you need phone repair in Montgomery, to ensure that you’re only transacting with a legitimate third-party service center. Dealing with a broken phone can be stressful, but you don’t have to spend a lot to get it repaired. Weigh your repair options carefully and find the right balance between the price and quality service. For more information about quality repair services in Montgomery, you can visit