How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is the newest console from gaming giants Nintendo. The Switch is an innovative device that can be played either at home on your TV or taken on the go as a handheld system, making it perfect for gamers of all ages and lifestyles. It was first released in March 2017, and one of the most common issues with the Switch is screen flickering which means the screensavers are not displayed correctly due to interference from other light sources in close proximity to the screen. This article will help you understand the Nintendo Switch, its common issues that need a console repair in Montgomery, and how much it will cost to repair one. 

How Do You Repair a Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo can repair the Nintendo Screen Flickering Issue for a fee, and it typically costs $19. Nintendo will charge you the full price for a console repair if your device is not brought through an authorized retailer. 

Another common issue of Nintendo Switch is Joy-Con Drift. It is the biggest issue worldwide Switch users face. The analog sticks on the controllers are reportedly moving around randomly and input commands to the console. When they have a problem with their console, the first thing gamers often do is Google for help or customer support. 

Another option is to take their console to the authorized retailer they purchased it from and have them check out the problem. Suppose your Switch was sold by an authorized retailer. In that case, you may be able to get free repairs for some issues if you’re under warranty or eligible for a repair through Nintendo’s “warranty extension program.”

How Long Does Nintendo Take to Repair?

In general, it could take anywhere from one week up to two weeks, but it could also be longer if you have an out-of-warranty issue with the Switch. The severity of the damage is the most significant factor determining how long it would take to repair process your device. 

Can Gamestop Fix Broken Consoles?

Gamestop is a known retailer of video games, and they also offer repair services for Nintendo Switch consoles. The price generally ranges from $19 up to $199, depending on the issue you’re having with your device. And the service appointment may take around 45 minutes.

How Long is Warranty on Nintendo Switch?

Every Nintendo Switch, when bought brand new, comes with a warranty period. The warranty will cover you for 12 months for the console and provide you with a free Nintendo switch repair if your console stops working. For its accessories like the adapter, the joy-con, and the dock carry warranty period of three months. If any of the accessories become damaged within the said warranty period, you can get them free replaced. Take note that the warranty mentioned is for the original purchaser. It doesn’t apply for second buyers even when it is still covered in the said period.

It is also important to note that the warranty will be voided if your console has been physically damaged. Say your Nintendo Switch stopped working after accidentally dropping it, and the screen has visible cracks or any type of damage. In this case, you won’t get your console fixed for free.

Where Do I Send My Nintendo Switch Joycon for Repair?

If you need to send your Nintendo Switch Joycon for repair, the first thing you have to do is contact [email protected] or call their phone number and make an appointment with the repair service one of their technicians. 

If you prefer a third-party console shop repair, you can visit Tech Repair Depot. They have years of experience, and with their expert technicians, it is very likely that you will get your console repaired successfully.

Is Nintendo Doing Free Joycon Repairs?

A Joy-con is a Nintendo accessory that is used for single-player or multiplayer gaming. And Nintendo Switch gamers usually encounter issues with their Joy-con. It usually begins with the left or right Joy-con drifting. Here are the things to watch for to know if your Joy-con isn’t working correctly. One of the signs that your Nintendo Switch joystick is not working correctly are:

Fortunately, due to a series of class-lawsuit against Nintendo, the company now offer free repairs on the joy-cons, including covering all shipping charges! So you definitely don’t need to buy a new one. All you have to do is send an email to Nintendo support – you will give instructions on how to send your Joy-con, and the company will fix it for free. 

Make sure, though, that you get a repair letter or shipping label sent via email before mailing them your defective Joy-cons. Remember never to mail your Joy-cons without the repair letter from Nintendo. It might cause you problems and, worst, may not even reach the Nintendo Repair center. Another thing worth knowing is, Nintendo wouldn’t require you to submit a receipt nor any proof of purchase of any kind.

How Long Does Nintendo Take to Repair Joycons?

When you decide to get your Joycons repaired, you can expect one week up to two weeks, but this could be longer if you have an out-of-warranty issue with your device. However, some people have claimed that they got theirs back at around 3-5 days. How long a repair takes will generally depend on how severe the damage is.

Who Can Fix My Nintendo Switch?

Here is the list of third-party repair shops that fix consoles:

1) Gamestop

Gamestop is a known retailer of video games, and they can repair Nintendo Switch consoles. The price generally ranges from $19 up to $199, depending on the issue you’re having with your device.

2) ubreakifix

They offer an affordable game console fix with a quick turnaround time.

3) Tech Repair Depot in Montgomery, AL

They specialize in repairing all kinds of electronics, including cell phone repair, tablets, laptops, computers, gaming consoles, and much more. They also provide the best professional customer service and the highest quality of computer & cell phone repair available in the industry.


With the ongoing issues, gamers encounter with their Nintendo Switch. It’s crucial to know how much repair costs and who can fix the console for you. Joy-con drift is the most common issue despite the newly refreshed Switch models recently launched by Nintendo. Some people blame the dust and debris dislodged underneath a rubber cap designed to keep the interior clean. Others also claim it’s because of the repetitive usage which causes the Joy-cons to be worn down.

While it is possible that anyone can fix their own console if it isn’t working correctly, but this doesn’t mean everyone should do so because there are risks involved in doing one’s own repair. If you’re not careful and don’t have the right tools for a console repair, it will likely worsen or even destroy your Nintendo Switch. There are risks in repairing, so people should avoid doing their DIY repairs on consoles. If they encounter any issues with it after that process, there’s no warranty to back them up as well. Those who want to fix their device themselves can find different guides online written by professionals on how to do so, but again, take note of the risks involved before choosing this option.

When encountering an issue with their Nintendo Switch devices, the best thing one can do is to contact or visit Tech Repair Depot in Montgomery. Make an appointment and let the professionals diagnose and fix your Nintendo Switch issues so you can get back to gaming without interruptions.