How and Where to Get an Affordable Cell Phone Repair

Did you know that a cell phone repair can cost as much as a new phone? How and Where to Get an Affordable Cell Phone Repair is the question we will answer in this blog post. We’ll talk about some of the best places to get affordable cell phone repair, how to find them, and what kind of repairs they offer.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Cell Phone Screen?

Dropping our phones has become an inevitability of modern life, and in fact, cracked screens have surpassed any other type of phone damage with more than 50 million cases per year! Despite these advances to make smartphones shatter-resistant tempered glass, cracks still happen—and after repeated encounters on hard surfaces like pavement, they may not be so easy to fix.

An average phone screen repair ranges from $30 – $100. How much you pay for a cell phone screen repair depends on the type of device and where it’s being repaired. For example, Apple repairs cost more than Android devices because they need to be mailed into an Apple store first before getting sent back out to your location for the actual fix. You can also do this yourself, but we don’t recommend doing that unless you are very experienced with phones in general. There is always a risk of damaging something else in the process or making things worse, like when liquid damage occurs (which would require another costly repair).

As mentioned earlier, at your local electronics store, they’ll charge anywhere between $50-$150 depending on the type of fix.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Phone Speaker?

When you have a speaker issue with your phone, it is often caused by physical damage to the board or faulty wiring. When this happens, there will be no power going into the speakers, and they may produce an almost inaudible sound when turned all of the ways up. If you are having issues hearing anything from your phone, such as ringtones or music at all, then most likely it’s because one of its two microphones has gone wrong. It would cause volume problems for both listening to things on your device and talking through its microphone accordingly!

If you are in need of a phone speaker repair, do not be discouraged. You will find that the cost to have someone fix your phone can vary depending on whether or not the manufacturer is repairing it and if one chooses an independent technician. Some technicians offer fair prices for repairs, while others may charge higher rates than what would usually be asked from manufacturers themselves. This should always depend on who is doing the work and their reputation within their field. However, a professional technician will generally bill you for as low as $10 to $75, depending on your phone’s brand and model.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair an Android Phone Screen?

Cracked screens are a common occurrence for smartphone users nowadays. They can lead to several cracks with time, leading the phone’s screen completely shattered and exposing your device to external toxins that might affect its functionality over time.

Replacing a broken Android screen can be just as expensive or cheap to fix, depending on the phone and where you get it done. In general, fixing your average cracked phone costs around $50-279.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair an iPhone Screen?

A cracked iPhone screen can be a costly venture, costing hundreds of dollars to fix. This may seem like a manageable expense to avoid by just getting the phone replaced entirely, but that ends up being more expensive in the long run due to increased usage and wear on other parts of your device. There are many places around town where you can find lower prices for excellent quality screens with varying warranties, so do some research before making any final decisions!

Generally speaking, at an Apple Store, if your iPhone has an expired warranty, fixing the screen will cost from $279 – $399. While getting it repaired to a trusted third-party repair service will cost you around $79-$300, depending on which iPhone model you have.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Back of an iPhone 11 Pro Max?

The back of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is made up of glass and metal with a stainless steel frame. The glass on this model is more susceptible to breaking than any other previous models because it has been replaced with Gorilla Glass which breaks easier when put in certain situations such as high temperatures or pressure being applied while dropping your phone.

There are many different options for fixing the back of an iPhone 11 Pro Max, but there will always be some sort of trade-off, whether that be accessibility to ports or buttons, coverage from scratches due to its sleek design, etc. If you’re looking at getting the entire device fixed, expect costs anywhere between $379 – $399 depending on where you get it done! This does not include labor fees ranging from $60 – $200, depending on which store you go for repairs.

If you are only looking for the back of your device to be fixed, then expect a cost anywhere between $169-$199!

Does a Cracked Back Affect Your Phone?

The back of your phone is often overlooked and not taken into consideration when it comes to the cost of a fix; however, if you would like to have someone repair an issue with your device’s backside, various options depending on what needs to be done! For example, scratches can be easily buffed out, but cracks in the case will require additional work. How much this cost depends on where it’s being fixed and the severity of damage which should be measured before making any final decisions about how to proceed.

If you’re looking for dent removal, then that could range anywhere from $50-$100, while screen replacement starts at just under $200. If you want something more professional yet less costly, most independent cell phone repair shops will fix your phone back for around $200-400.

Does AppleCare Cover Back Glass?

When it comes to AppleCare, the coverage does not include any damage done on or to the back glass of your phone. This is because there are two types of warranties that come with a new device, and they both have different benefits, so please do some research before purchasing anything! One warranty covers against any manufacturing defects, while the second one is for accidents only.

Here are the two types of AppleCare warranty:

Should I Repair My Phone or Buy a New One?

When it comes to deciding whether to repair your phone or buy a new one, there are few factors to take into consideration:


AppleCare doesn’t cover the back glass on your phone because they only provide coverage for accidents and not faults in manufacturing. You might be able to get a more professional fix at an independent cell phone repair shop like iFixit or, which are cheaper than other places while still providing high-quality service.