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When iPhone, iPad, or iPod users experience a sudden reset of their device but can access the apps and home screen for a brief period, this is typical because of an iPhone charge cable issue. The iPhone’s charging cable is responsible for maintaining power on the iPhone as it charges, leading to malfunctions if there is any damage from wear and tear or other external factors. If you have been experiencing this problem with your iPhone charger cable, make sure that you contact one of our experienced technicians at iPhone repair in Montgomery al today!

Update apps using the App Store

To update your apps from the App Store on your iPhone, all you need to do is open the App Store app and tap on “Updates.” A new tab will appear with an option to “Update All” at the bottom. When you choose Update All, all of your apps should be updated in one go. If you select Update, each app’s name will appear in turn for selection; this ensures that only selected apps are updated. Remember that updates can take some time depending on how many apps are requested to be updated at once. When searching for a tool like electronic repair in Montgomery, Alabama, it helps tremendously if some incentive is offered!

Change the Date on your iPhone. Tap on Settings > General > Date & Time

Changing the date on your iPhone will not reset any of its settings. However, if you choose to do so, it’s just as simple as tapping on Settings > General > Date & Time and then selecting a new date. Constantly repairing your Montgomery County iPhone is an easy way to alleviate your technical difficulties, no matter how simple or complex.

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Turn off notifications for all the apps on your device.

Turning off notifications is an excellent strategy for reducing distraction, but unfortunately, the messages will still be sent to your device. In most cases, this means they can be read by anyone who has access to your device, including law enforcement or malicious hackers. To ensure that you have control over when and how important information reaches your phone, it’s best to turn off push notifications from every app except for those critical to work or life-saving in Phone Repair in Montgomery al

If you’re looking for a quick place to start turning notifications on and off on all apps from within Android settings, check out this helpful infographic from our support team here at with everything there is to know about managing notification settings!

Turn Airplane mode ON, then wait 20 seconds, and toggle it back Off.

To turn airplane mode on, go to Settings > Airplane Mode > Enable Airplane Mode. To turn it off, first, make sure you’re connected to WiFi or cellular data. Then head to the Control Center and press the “Airport” icon until it just turns white again. Next, turn your phone back on by pressing the Sleep/Wake button at the top of your iPhone screen for a few seconds – some signs will pop up telling you that if you have this activated, then 10% or 20% battery charge may be used before 20 minutes have elapsed since turning airplane mode on. This will reset your iPhone’s settings. If the problem persists after this, it is time to call iPhone repair in Montgomery, AL!

Try Resetting All Settings on your device.

Resetting all settings on your iPhone will get rid of the old unwanted saved data recovery. This could also fix Bluetooth issues, WiFi problems, and other iOS related problems.

Suppose you’re experiencing any iOS-related difficulties, contact iPhone repair in Montgomery al for a quick diagnosis! We offer in and out repairs in 30 minutes at either our Mtg location or in your home, and we’ll never leave until everything is running smoothly!

Disable Background Refresh

To disable Background Data on an iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset, then slide the “Background App Refresh” option off. The next time the iPhone is restarted, it will have disabled background updating. Not only does this save battery life, but it also helps fix any bugs that might pop up from a poorly coded app or slow down your phone’s performance.

You can also check out a local expert specializing in iPhone repair in Montgomery al at their website, Tech Repair It doesn’t matter what type of problem you’re having with your device- they’ll be able to diagnose and fix your phone so that it works as well as new! 

Check for any battery issues.

If you are having iPhone problems, the first thing that you should do is check for any signs of a battery issue. iPhones can be finicky and need to be taken care of properly to last long. So if your iPhone has been acting up lately, it could just be an indicator that it needs some new batteries. 


A great tip is to use your iPhone and go on google and type in Montgomery al’s previous closest iPhone repair store. This will give you the nearest possible store for iPhone repair services in your area; after that, it should be a straightforward process of calling or going into the store. Keep in mind these stores usually have deals for donating old electronics such as used phones and computers. These deals can often entice people to donate their things instead of letting them sit around at home doing nothing. One final thing worth noting is that this site estimates it will cost an affordable price depending on whether or not parts are reusable or need to be replaced depending on the severity of the problems with your phone’s malfunctioning part.

Final Thoughts

Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is resetting but still allows temporary access to your apps and home screen. So is it not a big deal, right? Let us be the judge of that. We have some simple solutions for you here, so let’s dive in! First off, update all your apps using the App Store on your device by tapping Updates at the bottom of the app store window. Next, change your date on your phone to a different time zone if it has been set incorrectly from when you first bought it (tap Settings > General > Date & Time). Finally, turn notifications OFF for all applications on your device by going into settings and scrolling down until you see Notifications, then tap each one individually to turn them off.