Things You Should Do Before Handing Your Android Phone For Repair in Montgomery

As the world is becoming more mobile, people are relying on their smartphones for everything. A lot of us take our phones with us everywhere we go and use them as a camera, music player, or video player. It can be difficult to imagine life without our smartphones, but unfortunately, life isn’t always perfect, and sometimes accidents happened to our beloved devices. It could be because of a water spill, or maybe you dropped your phone, and now it doesn’t work. 

Common Issues of Android Phones That Need Repairing

Broken Screen

A broken android phone is not something you want to have since it can be very expensive to get it fixed. If your screen is shattered, scratched, or doesn’t work properly anymore, then you should contact a repair center for an estimate of the cost to fix it before moving on and buy yourself a new phone.

Battery not taking a charge

It’s possible the battery is not taking a charge because it needs to be replaced. For example, if your phone won’t turn on or you notice that when charging, the battery percentage does not increase, then this might be the problem.

No Internet Connection

If you’re having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi or mobile data and nothing has changed with your settings, then it might be time to get your phone repaired.

No sound coming from the speaker

If you have no sound or a very low level of volume when playing music or watching videos, this means that there is something wrong with the speakers on your android phones.

Screen brightness not adjustable

If you’re having trouble adjusting the screen brightness or it’s impossible to adjust it, this is most likely due to a broken display on your android phone and will need repair.

Laggy Performance

A common issue that arises from an Android device is a lag in performance when playing games and opening other apps.

There are a few things you can do to try and solve this issue, such as restarting the device, clearing out cached data on your phone, or deleting an unwanted app that may be hogging up too much of your memory. If none of these work, it might be time for a repair!

Worn Out Charging Port

A worn-out charging port is caused by many factors such as charging cables not being straight, constantly plugging and unplugging the cable, or corrosion from water.

A quick way to check if your phone has a worn-out port is by looking at whether it’s loose in its slot when you try to insert something into it, which can be done with an object like a needle. If it is loose, the charging port may need to be repaired.

Water Damage

Most of the time, water damage is caused by a drop into the toilet or bathtub. Unfortunately, nothing we do seems to work in these scenarios because the phone gets wet inside, too (which causes corrosion). The only way for it to dry out is if you leave your device in a sunny place for days.

If you don’t have the time to wait, it’s best that you bring your device in, and we’ll diagnose what needs to be done.

Connectivity Issues

With Android phones, you can experience connectivity issues like no Mobile data connection, no Wi-Fi connectivity, or the phone not being able to send/receive data over a cellular network. So the first thing you should do is check your wireless carrier service and make sure that it’s activated on your device. 

Next, try switching between different networks, like moving close to a window for a better reception from outside sources. Lastly, if you’re still experiencing connectivity issues, it might be a software issue. For example, your Android phone is set to “metered connection” or data roaming on, which will prevent the device from sending any data over wireless networks and may cause other applications to stop working properly.

What You Should Do Prior To Sending Your Phone For A Repair

Android phone repairs can be expensive. And if you’re not careful, some of the things you do before handing your android phone in for repair might cause even more damage to it! Here are a few steps that we recommend doing before sending your android for phone repair in Montgomery:

1) Back up all the data from your device to not lose any critical information when fixing your phone. Here are things you can do to prevent any data loss: 

It is always a smart move to back up all your data since getting your phone repaired might remove any sensitive information from the device. 

2) Make sure you have password-protected files by encrypting them on your Android device using third-party software such as TrueCrypt, which will protect those files even if they fall into the wrong hands after being decrypted.

3) Make sure there is enough battery life left on the device so that it will last until it gets to the shop.

4) Turn off any features such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when they aren’t in use, so they don’t drain the battery.

There are many other essential things you should do before handing in your Android phone for repair in Montgomery, but these four steps will give it a better chance of coming back repaired quickly and with all your information intact.

It may be tempting to pay for the lowest cost solution, but you might want to consider doing some research beforehand and find out if there are any local options nearby that will offer better pricing than the big stores. Visit to get a discount on your first android phone repair in Montgomery