Common Smartphone Repairs in Montgomery

The most common smartphone repairs are screen replacements and battery replacements. The screen is typically damaged from drops or cracks, while the battery can be drained due to excessive use. These issues need to be dealt with as soon as possible because they can impact the phone’s performance, which will lead to a higher risk of future damage.

1. Screen Replacement

Screen replacements are the most common type of repair needed for smartphones. This is because the screen typically gets damaged from physical damage such as drops or cracks, and other problems with the device usually accompany this. It’s crucial that these issues be dealt with quickly because screens can impact performance, which will increase the risk of future problems.

The cost of getting your screen replaced may vary depending on your phone’s manufacturer and the extent of the damage. The cost may range anywhere from $50 to upwards of a few hundred dollars for more complex repairs, such as when one or both sides of the screen are cracked.

There are various reasons why your phone screen needs replacement, and the following are the most common ones:

2. Battery Replacement

A phone’s battery doesn’t last forever, no matter how much you take good care of it, so it’s imperative to know when to replace your battery. How to tell your battery needs replacing:

How often should I replace my battery? With today’s technology, a battery can last up for at least two years before needing to be replaced.

What to do about a bad battery?

Replacing your phone’s battery should be done as soon as possible, so it’s best not to wait for a response from them before scheduling one with a repair service.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues mentioned above, get a new battery as soon as possible! Changing your phone’s battery can be tricky and time-consuming, so it pays off to get it replaced as soon as you notice a problem.

3. Water Damage Repair

Water damage is one of the most common phone repairs in the Montgomery area. The damage can range from a minor inconvenience to the total destruction of your phone. You need to get this issue fixed as soon as possible before serious problems arise, such as irreparable data loss or even death of the device if not taken care of in time.

If the phone is still working when you find out that it got wet, turn off the device immediately! The sooner you can shut down a water-logged phone, the better.

What to do if your smartphone gets wet?

If your smartphone is wet or malfunctioning due to water damage, do not turn it on or plug in the charger. The water could cause an electrical short, which would lead to permanent damage and ruin a lot of things for you.

You can access your device without damaging anything else on the phone by disconnecting any connectors like earphones, charging cables, etc., but never touch bare metal parts.

The fix, in this case, would require replacing certain inner components and then drying out any wet areas with rice, as well as using an air compressor to remove any leftover moisture from the phone.

4. Home Button Repair

Home and volume button repair is one of the most common repairs on smartphones. The home or volume buttons are stuck or not functioning. This usually happens when a phone has been dropped or mishandled, and it can be a frustrating inconvenience for someone who relies heavily on their smartphone to complete everyday tasks.

This issue could be due to several reasons, from dirt and debris getting packed into the button or an excessive amount of pressure applied on the home key, causing some buttons not to work properly anymore.

The fix for this is usually replacing that specific part, which would require opening up the back part of your phone to get access to the components and replace a particular button. It is worth noting that it can be pretty expensive to fix these types of issues, with the parts costing between $150-$200, not including labor time or other factors like shipping costs.

 The cost of fixing any gadgets or electronics has increased over the years due to inflation and fewer manufacturers producing devices and electronic components.

5. Charging Port Repair 

The charging port is the part of your phone where you plug in your charger. Unfortunately, the wires inside can break from too much pressure, heat, or moisture. This will disable your ability to charge up and power on your handset at all times. Common issues of a phone’s charging port are:

6. Camera Repair

Nowadays, a smartphone’s camera is important for a lot of us. It is convenient and easy for us to capture moments at any time with high-quality pictures. However, the camera can be a very fragile and sensitive part of the phone. It is not uncommon for the lens, sensor, or cables to become damaged from dropping your handset. Common issues include:

When your smartphone’s camera is not working, it’s time to get your lens repaired as soon as possible, before you can’t take any photos at all!

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