Many people are undecided whether to purchase a brand new phone or not, even if their current device is still in good working condition. But if your device keeps developing new issues that force you to spend for new parts replacement services, you might need to start weighing your options. You need to get a new smartphone if your device is no longer receiving software updates or if the replaced battery can’t keep up with your daily phone demands.

We at is sharing our insights between repair vs replacement on our smartphones. Damaging your phone sometimes can’t be avoided and we go ahead and search for phone repair near me or phone repair in Montgomery, AL.

Repair Cost vs. Replacement Cost

When people try to make this difficult decision, they often choose which option will offer them the best opportunity to save. If purchasing a new phone will cost you $900 and repairing it will only cost you $300, for instance, a phone repair may seem like a suitable option. However, you can also determine your phone’s current value by checking its estimated buying price over the internet.

For whatever reason your smartphone gets damaged, whether it is accidental damage or battery failure, it is always assumed that you will pay for the repair costs, even if your device is under warranty. The repair cost depends on the extent of damage, age of the mobile device, and its current market value. Experts recommend that if you have spent more on repairs than your unit’s current value, it’s better off to get a new smartphone and extend the warranty period as an added protection. And if you decide to change your old phone to the latest version, you should always expect to pay for the additional cost, whatever the repair costs might be during the previous years. 

These online resources may give you an idea of how much your phone would cost if you ever decide to sell it. Unfortunately, if the repair cost is beyond your phone’s current value, you have no other option but to replace it.

Daily Wear and Tear

People invest so much into their smartphones in terms of monetary value and multiple physical upgrades. When you use your phone over a dozen times each day for a wide range of essential tasks, from mobile searching to hours of voice calls as well as listening to your favorite music or watching some TV programs, your smartphone becomes more than an expensive device. Flagship mobile phone models automatically become essential in life, with the added importance of being regarded as a fashion statement or a status symbol in society. 

Whether you’re using a high-end phone or just a budget device, your smartphone is prone to hard bumps, weather exposure, mishaps, and drops, causing it to malfunction at some point. The more often you use it, the more likely accidents are to come your way. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing huge cracks on your screen or software failing to boot properly. The only question here is whether it’s cheaper or wiser to get your malfunctioning phone repaired or investing a brand new device.

Warranty Matters

When your phone becomes damaged or not working well, you’ll probably check whether your device falls within the warranty period or not. Phone suppliers often provide a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty automatically becomes void once you have your newly-purchased device repaired by a third-party service provider or any unaccredited service technician. 

Even if your new phone is still under warranty, there are few exceptions that you need to take into consideration, including battery failure, cosmetic damage, network alteration, and water damage. You’ll be completely responsible for all non-authorized repairs (non-manufacturer repairs), particularly if the warranty seal has already been tampered with. Network operators are now offering multi-year protection plans to help you secure your phone against unforeseen repair expenses while your device is in active use. Some subscription plans already cover accidental damage incidents, although there are fixed safeguard amounts for screen replacement, basic repairs, and software support.

Phone Age Also Matters

Smartphones that are over three years old might begin experiencing software incompatibilities sooner than expected. If you have spent hundreds of dollars repairing an old device only to find the software become outdated within a short time, you’ll definitely feel drained. 

You also need to think about how many times your device has been repaired because the chance of breaking it increases each time the device is inspected thoroughly. As a rule of thumb, if the phone has passed through three or more repairs, it may be/ worthwhile to have it replaced before your smartphone becomes completely useless. 

Offsetting the Cost of a New Phone

There are certain individuals out there who are willing to pay for damaged phones. Just visit the nearest phone repair shop and find out how much you can make when you swap your old phone with a brand new device or a second-hand unit. Remember that a few hundred dollars can go a long way to offset the cost of a new phone, especially if you’re planning to get a non-network-locked device.

Upgrading Period is Getting Closer

If you’re eligible for a discounted cellular upgrade with your network provider, you might want to consider checking out your upgrade options. Also, consider your upgrade plan if you’re not interested in purchasing any refurbished mobile phone. Suppose your phone is currently experiencing battery failure or device malfunction that seems irreparable. In that case, this is the perfect time to check what your network carrier has in store for you, particularly if you’re much interested to know about the latest smartphone features available on the market.

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