A smartphone screen can become defective if you use it for extended hours every day or when hit by sharp objects. But expect your screen to break even faster when the phone falls to the floor. Worse, when the glass gets damaged, the touch functionalities of your phone may not work. And it’s tough to perform any task when you use a phone with a faulty screen.

There are habits of mobile phone users that often cause smartphone screens to break or become damaged. Some may include typing on the keyboard with one hand, throwing the phone in the back of the car, and dropping it into the kitchen sink or lavatory. Despite using their phones with defective screens, people are still reluctant to have their phones repaired due to security concerns or privacy issues. But more than this, mobile phone users are concerned about how much they would spend on repairing a broken screen.

A mobile screen repair costs anywhere between $50 and $250 depending on the cellphone brand and availability of the parts, not to mention the labor cost. It will cost more if you take your damaged screen to the manufacturer, but you’re guaranteed to receive an original screen installed on your phone. There are also third-party service providers who can repair your screen at a cheaper cost but experts in losing your phone warranty. Nevertheless, your final decision will likely depend on which option can give you more savings and how fast you can get the phone once you have it repaired. 

Discovering the Mobile Screen Parts

A smartphone screen is a single-piece display unit containing an external screen, outer panel, touch screen, and viewing glass. If touch responses are no longer working correctly or if the screen is entirely black, your phone screen will likely need to be replaced. The only solution is to replace the screen since it can’t be restored to its previous form. Prices may vary based on the difficulty of repairing the cell phone display.

Cell Phone screen repair should only be done by a specialized technician using particular tools and equipment. The service technician must be qualified and adequately equipped to handle different mobile phone brands. Each model requires individual troubleshooting procedures that must be followed for the replacement to be adequate. This is why you should find out if the technician is competent enough to repair a specific brand because all internal parts are custom built and sensitive. 

A smartphone screen consists of a windscreen, inner screen, outer panel, and touch display screen put together in a one-piece assembly. But keep a watchful eye on counterfeit mobile screen components because these may cause compatibility and functionality issues on your phone later on. The technical service area needs to maintain certain conditions such as regular sterilization, sufficient lighting, and specious workstation to ensure quality craft. Aside from this, the workplace should be completely free of static electricity. After replacing your broken screen, your phone must be delivered back to you with a product warranty card. 

Repair Cost for a Broken Screen

Like other mobile phone repair services, fixing a broken screen will bring additional expenses for you aside from the monthly charges you need to maintain. You can have your damaged screen replaced for as low as $50 or as high as $300, depending on the phone model and age. In most cases, there are factors directly affecting the actual cost, such as phone age, the extent of liquid penetration, and total detachment of various phone components. 

When you break your phone screen, for sure, you’re wondering where to go to have it repaired. Regarding phone screen restoration and replacement, quality artistry is still essential to prolong the service life of your phone. Only seek a highly skilled technician to ensure fast and trustworthy service.

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Smartphones from a considerable part of people’s daily lives from the time they wake up until late in the evening. It’s not a great surprise to see how many people damage their phones while answering phone calls or searching for something on the web. If you’re having troubles with your phone screen, visit to find out more about our screen replacement options and service rates.